Mon + ash Natural Blends

Purely You,

Inspired by Nature.

Feel your best with safe, pure essential oil blends.

Life can throw a lot your way, bringing physical and emotional stress. Mon + Ash Natural Blends safely creates pure, customized aromatherapy solutions that help you navigate life feeling healthier, empowered, and loved.

What’s different about Mon + Ash Natural Blends?

There are countless essential oils and essential oil-based products on the market. But with that prevalence comes a lot of misguided advice and sub-par ingredients. Through certified experience and passion, Mon + Ash Natural Blends puts purity and safety into every product.

Beyond safe and pure ingredients, Mon + Ash also creates blends that are completely unique to your needs. From calming your mind to creating a signature scent, it’s all about finding what’s purely you, inspired by nature.

Discover how Mon + Ash makes a difference in your life, naturally.

“I approached this business because Mon + Ash products are organic, natural and unique. I like that there are no synthetic chemicals used, which makes me feel safe to use on my skin.”

~ Siri Pfaffl

Essential Oil FAQs

From reducing stress and getting a good night’s sleep to relieving pain, there are many psychological and physiological benefits of using essential oils topically or via inhalation. Want to learn more about the world of essential oils? Visit our extensive library of valuable resources.

All ingredients used in Mon + Ash Natural Blends are wildcrafted or organic, and meet strict safety and purity standards to ensure you’re getting the best products available. Contact us  (hyperlink to contact page) for detailed product origin and safety information.

Yes, if backed by knowledge and a certified aromatherapist. Mon + Ash Natural Blends understands the importance of addressing individual needs and creates custom products that are safe for people with allergies, skin sensitivity, or aroma preferences.

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Why Mon + Ash?

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