Essential oil blends

Developed especially for you

Everything at Monash Natural Blends is crafted with one shared goal: To help you feel nurtured, empowered, and loved. 

From customizing your best essential-oil blend to supporting your body’s natural healing process through aromatherapy, Monica puts her heart and expertise to work for you with these offerings:

Aromatherapy Wellness Consultation

Find solutions to your health and wellness issues through aromatherapy. We’ll start by thoroughly identifying your wellness goals, current treatments or healing modalities, prior health history, and allergies. This is followed by a comprehensive and COVID-safe in-person meeting or video chat to review your information and determine an aromatherapy solution. Monica will develop the best customized essential oil product to meet your needs, and follow up to see how it’s working.

The 1:1 Aromatherapy Wellness Consultation is Ideal if You:

  • Are seeking alternative wellness options to address a health concern.
  • Want to complement any existing natural healing modalities you’re using.
  • Love the healing properties of essential oils, but aren’t sure what best fits your unique health profile.

Cost and time: $75, which includes one blended aromatherapy product; 30- to 60-minute consultation. 

Custom Scent Blend Consultation

Express yourself, discover your scent, and promote wellness with a custom scent blend consultation. We’ll thoroughly identify scents you like and what your fragrance goals are. Then we’ll do a fun in-person or video chat to go through the Monash scent library and explore to find your perfect blend. Monica will develop  a custom-made rollerball with a custom name and label, plus important user safety information.

The Custom Scent Blend Consultation is Ideal if You:

  • Want a custom scent to express your personality.
  • Prefer an alternative to mass-marketed proprietary blends.
  • Are planning a big event that needs a personal touch.
  • Are ready to pamper yourself, or give a one-of-a-kind gift.
  • Wish to have your own line of beauty and home products.
  • Embrace a vegan, vegetarian, or cruelty-free lifestyle.

Cost and time: $50, which includes one signature blended product; 30- to 60-minute consultation.

“Monica is amazing at customizing products for her clients! Each product is made with love and care and I know it was created just for me.”


Ready to consult with a knowledgeable, certified aromatherapist?  Make your wellbeing a  priority—contact Monica at your convenience.